Boat Rentals

Frequently Asked Questions

Boat Rental Prices

Crystal Lodge Dive Center is well equipped for quality boat rentals. Pontoon boats and Jon boats are available for rent. Pontoon boat rentals are for dive or snorkel purposes only.

Guided scenic tours are available.

If you are not interested in a dive or snorkel outing you can rent one of our John boats and captain your own adventure as you explore the inlets and waterways of beautiful Kings Bay in Crystal River.

Rent one of our Pontoon boats for a dive or snorkel excursion of your own. These well-equipped boats serve as excellent dive or snorkel platforms and can accommodate up to 6 persons.This is the best way to get up close and personal with the peaceful and sometimes playful manatees. As you glide along the water in near silence you can better appreciate the sights and sounds of the natural wildlife that surround you.

Not adventurous enough to navigate yourself. Crystal Lodge Dive Center has guided scenic tours of Kings Bay and the Crystal River as well as the near by pristine Rainbow River.

And don’t forget to look down when the fish and manatee swim right under you.

Crystal Lodge Dive Center Rates
Guided Snorkel Tours (up to 24 people)
Manatee Snorkel Tours 8:00 a.m. - 11:00a.m.

Equipment included.
Guided Snorkel Tours (up to 24 people)
Manatee Snorkel Tours 8:00 a.m. - 11:00a.m.
Equipment not included.
See equipment rental below or bring your own.
Crystal River Sightseeing Tours $20.00/person
Rainbow River Guided Tours $10.00/person

Boat Rentals
Pontoon Rental for dive or snorkeling in. (up to 6 people) $30.00 per hour 2 hour minimum)

Equipment Rental (8 a.m. – 6 p.m.)
Tank Reg. - Octi S.P.G.
Tank Rental $10.00
Regulator, Pressure Gauge Octi $12.00
Buoyancy Compensator Jacket $8.00
Snorkel Vest $7.00
Mask, Fins, Snorkel $7.00
Mask and Snorkel $4.00
Mask $3.00
Fins $3.00
Snorkel $1.50
Wet Suit $10.00
Wet Suite Jacket $6.00
Wet Suit Pants $6.00
Weight Belt with 8 pounds $2.00
Weights per pound $0.10
Dive Flag $5.00
Air Fills $4.00