Located in Crystal River of Citrus County Florida, (manatee tour capital of the world) Crystal Lodge Dive Center is a full service manatee dive center. Manatee snorkeling, manatee diving, manatee swim, SCUBA certification, specialty classes, check out dives, resort courses, guided sight seeing tours, boat rentals, scalloping trips, fishing guide services and our world famous Manatee Tours are some of the services offered at the Crystal Lodge Dive Center. The manatee dive center is stocked with all the manatee dive and manatee snorkeling equipment as well as gifts, t-shirts and souvenirs the visitor could want.

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Why are our Manatee Tours so popular? Many people come here to snorkel because of the large manatee population that migrate up into the warm natural spring fed waters that remain a constant 72 degrees all year round.

Manatee Snorkeling Tours Crystal River

Dive Kings Spring

Crystal Lodge Dive Center offers a Kings Spring Dive in Crystal Clear water. Scuba Diving trips to Kings Spring, Rainbow River and other locations... Plus... Amateur or Commercial Divers Equipment for Rent or Sale


If you want to experience Florida manatee snorkeling or Florida diving, Crystal River offers some of the best places to do a manatee swim tour. The spring fed Crystal River is true to its name, crystal clear, offering spectacular underwater photography and video taping with manatee.

Boat Rentals

Crystal Lodge Dive Center is well equipped for quality boat rentals. Pontoon boats and Jon boats are available for rent. Pontoon boat rentals are for dive or snorkel purposes only.